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Two Big Milestones for Moneylender Professional

Two exciting milestones have happened recently for Moneylender.  The first is that in 2015 the total number of Moneylender users exceeded 500.  The second is that an auto lender in the USA was audited by the department of banking in his state and the audit took less than a day with every single loan being verified for accuracy.  This is probably not the first time a user of Moneylender has been audited, but it is the first time the customer called us with a few questions and we got to follow along with the process. Moneylender was originally a simple utility to calculate the payment amount on very small loans and print the payment coupon booklets.  Thanks to feedback from over one hundred users of the software, and paid additions from two dozen customers, the program evolved since 2004 into a powerful loan servicing and management platform .  In every English speaking country in the world, and even several countries where English is not the primary language, Moneylender is in use