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An interesting phone call...

I was talking with a customer in early November of 2017, and our conversation really illuminated the difference between Moneylender 2 and Moneylender 3.  They're using both versions side-by-side until 2018 starts and they'll just work in Moneylender 3 after that. Customer: "I have a borrower that was way behind.  They just sold their business or something and they paid the loan.  How do I enter that?" Josh: "OK, did they pay it off completely?" Customer: "No, they paid to bring it current.  They haven't paid since May of 2016." Josh: "OK, in Moneylender 2 we need to put in $0 payments for all the due dates that were skipped.  We can use the Auto-Generate Payment History tool to create them in one shot." Customer: "OK, tell me what to do." We attempt to use the auto-generate tool to add about eighteen $0 payments to the loan to satisfy all the due dates up through September of 2017. Josh: "O