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Moneylender 3 Hits Another Milestone

Just under two years since the Alpha version of Moneylender 3 became available to the public we have hit update number 100 to our signature application.  Releasing updates ranging from a month apart to sometimes twice on the same day, we have made nearly 1000 improvements to the program since release. We are happy to hit this mark, and look forward to hitting further milestones in the years ahead.   As always, the real thanks goes to our amazing customers.   Without your feedback and cooperation, we would never have had any reason to make updates in the first place.   From the very beginning, Moneylender has been a project driven by the feedback and requests of our customers. It’s been so rewarding to see this project, under development for eleven years, finding real-world use for all kinds of situations.   Some of you are really leveraging the abilities of the system to handle your loans.   That is perhaps the greatest compliment we could ever receive.   The best is stil

Moneylender Hits a New Record for Google Placement

For the first time ever, Moneylender appeared at number FOUR in results for “ loan servicing software ”.   That’s incredible for a product that has no recurring fees and a one-time license purchase price of $329 (at the time of this writing).   Our competitors usually charge substantial annual fees, and often have initial costs in the thousands.   It’s amazing that we’re ahead of the pack with our loan servicing system in spite of our exceptionally low cost. Moneylender was first released for $35 in 2004 because “someone would probably find this handy”.   Since then nearly 1000 someones have found our loan servicing system handy.   Our goal since 2007 has been to create the world’s best loan servicing platform.   We have spend many late nights over the ten years that followed to create Moneylender 3.   In the eleven months since the release of Moneylender 3 there have been 187 someones (at the time of this writing) that have put Moneylender 3 to the test with their real-world loa