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Big Thanks to Mike Ruscica and

I want to share some info about my friend and advocate, Mike Ruscica .   Mike is an investor and investment coach from New Jersey that dedicates his time teaching others how to invest in notes.   I’ve seen firsthand how his techniques have generated tremendous returns.   Several years back, Mike was chatting with a mutual friend and mentioned he was using a certain software to track his loans. Our friend suggested he give Moneylender Professional a try.   Mike made the switch to Moneylender and has been referring his people to my loan servicing software ever since. I got to know Mike over the years as he would occasionally call with questions about how to set up various scenarios in Moneylender.   Mike runs a week-long conference called NoteVision where he has presenters covering all kinds investment topics.   I tricked him into letting me present the soon-to-be-released Alpha version of Moneylender 3 at his conference in 2017, and that was the first time I ever met a Moneylender