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Businesses Increasingly Adopting Moneylender

Our loan software is finding a steadily growing place in core business accounting.   Small and medium businesses are finding all the tools they need to handle their loans, and enterprises are even stepping in to apply Moneylender to their huge volumes of loans.   Moneylender doesn’t care if a loan is $1 or $1B, it just does the math,  b ut for the creators of Moneylender it is a gratifying statement of public approval that billions of dollars are flowing into and out of the software. ...a versatile software system that can handle enterprise-grade volumes of data... Moneylender has always been useful to small businesses and larger businesses that have a manageable amount of loan data.   In its early days, Moneylender didn’t have the tools and workflows that would make it a viable system for large businesses, businesses that make dozens of new loans every day, or businesses with tens of thousands of loans.   That humble past has given way through constant enhancement, extension