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Building the Best Loan Servicing System Because We Refuse to Settle for Anything Less

I had a customer ask me a lot of questions about making a report in a very specific way.   I explained that the information they were asking for isn’t always meaningful.   If a loan pays exactly on the amortization schedule, then perhaps what they wanted would make sense.   The moment the borrower missed a payment, or made several partial payments, the data they wanted would no longer look how they wanted it to look.   Furthermore, while Moneylender would be accurately presenting the information based on reality, that reality wouldn’t match the amortization schedule like this customer really wished it would. I tried explaining this, and that having the requested data on a report wouldn’t really satisfy their desire to make a loan that pays irregularly look like it was perfectly following the amortization schedule.   The customer asked me the same question again, almost word-for-word.   I was dumbfounded!   Did I fail to express my comprehension of the information they desir