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Moneylender Professional in 2020

A lot has happened since the last time I posted.   The coronavirus outbreak that causes COVID-19 hit the world and put us all indoors.   I started a YouTube channel.   Moneylender has seen fifteenish updates, adding around 50 new things to the program alongside other fixes and changes. Monthly sales of Moneylender went up and down during the pandemic.   Overall sales are growing.   In one two-week period we were getting one or two new customers almost daily.   It was an unprecedented rally – surpassing the highs from the December-January surge to set a new monthly all-time record in May. COVID led to a lot of forbearance and other types of plans to ease the financial burden as businesses were shut down.   I wrote a new section onto the Settings tab – “Special Situations” where you can easily set up any combination of forbearance, reinstatement, waiving or capitalizing interest, and/or adjusting the escrow to be collected.   Of the handful of people that I’ve helped to use the new