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Observations on Lending as COVID-19 Spreads Globally

 I hope you’re all safe and healthy out there.  I’m seeing a couple little ripples in lending amongst Moneylender users, and I though you might find the observations interesting. The story told by Moneylender sales… Sales slowed for the first several months of the pandemic, and then sort of adjusted back to regular levels.   The collections freezes and proffered forbearances in March and April of 2020 made the lending industry hold its breath.   Once the job situation began to stabilize, we could see who would be losing their jobs and who would remain employed. We saw a surge in Moneylender sales as people adopted our software to help with their workload as refinances and reinstatements were officially structured into debts around May.   In spite of the surge, the overall sales numbers were depressed throughout 2020, alongside an apparent slump in new debts among Moneylender users, and I would speculate that uncertainty for the future is causing people to avoid new purchases, deb