Moneylender 3 Hits Another Milestone

Just under two years since the Alpha version of Moneylender 3 became available to the public we have hit update number 100 to our signature application.  Releasing updates ranging from a month apart to sometimes twice on the same day, we have made nearly 1000 improvements to the program since release.
We are happy to hit this mark, and look forward to hitting further milestones in the years ahead.As always, the real thanks goes to our amazing customers.Without your feedback and cooperation, we would never have had any reason to make updates in the first place.From the very beginning, Moneylender has been a project driven by the feedback and requests of our customers.
It’s been so rewarding to see this project, under development for eleven years, finding real-world use for all kinds of situations.Some of you are really leveraging the abilities of the system to handle your loans.That is perhaps the greatest compliment we could ever receive.The best is still yet to come!

Moneylender Hits a New Record for Google Placement

For the first time ever, Moneylender appeared at number FOUR in results for “loan servicing software”.That’s incredible for a product that has no recurring fees and a one-time license purchase price of $329 (at the time of this writing).Our competitors usually charge substantial annual fees, and often have initial costs in the thousands.It’s amazing that we’re ahead of the pack with our loan servicing system in spite of our exceptionally low cost.
Moneylender was first released for $35 in 2004 because “someone would probably find this handy”.Since then nearly 1000 someones have found our loan servicing system handy.Our goal since 2007 has been to create the world’s best loan servicing platform.We have spend many late nights over the ten years that followed to create Moneylender 3.In the eleven months since the release of Moneylender 3 there have been 187 someones (at the time of this writing) that have put Moneylender 3 to the test with their real-world loans, most of them working in…

Moneylender Featured on the Savvy Radio Show

Huge thanks to the Savvy Radio Show hosted by Steven VanCauwenbergh for his review of Moneylender Professional.  Long-time customer Crystal Caruthers pointed them in our direction and I’m very grateful she did.  This kind of coverage is so encouraging.  If you haven’t heard their radio show, go check it out!
Steven is author of the book "the Savvy Landlord".  Check out more of his work on his website:
I should pull my head out of the code more often to see what people are saying about Moneylender on the internet!

Moneylender 3 Professional Cracked Version [Free Download]

Hello friend,
If you’re on this page, you were probably trying to find a copy of my latest software without having to pay for it.
I know I’m not the smartest person in the world, so even my most imaginative software protection could probably be unwound by someone.If it runs on a computer, then it’s a set of instructions.If the computer can follow instructions, then so can people.If a person can understand the instructions, they can modify the instructions as desired.
I have tried my best to make it hard for someone to run the software I spent ten years writing without paying the modest one-time license fee.I offer the program at a price that anyone with loans to manage will be able to easily afford, and I don’t think it’s reasonable to charge annual fees just to keep using the software that you already paid for like some of my competitors.
If you’re thinking about stealing my program, how about just buying it instead?It’s not that expensive, and from what I’ve seen you probably have…

An interesting phone call...

I was talking with a customer in early November of 2017, and our conversation really illuminated the difference between Moneylender 2 and Moneylender 3.  They're using both versions side-by-side until 2018 starts and they'll just work in Moneylender 3 after that.
Customer: "I have a borrower that was way behind.  They just sold their business or something and they paid the loan.  How do I enter that?"
Josh: "OK, did they pay it off completely?"
Customer: "No, they paid to bring it current.  They haven't paid since May of 2016."
Josh: "OK, in Moneylender 2 we need to put in $0 payments for all the due dates that were skipped.  We can use the Auto-Generate Payment History tool to create them in one shot."
Customer: "OK, tell me what to do."
We attempt to use the auto-generate tool to add about eighteen $0 payments to the loan to satisfy all the due dates up through September of 2017.
Josh: "Oh, and we have to go into ea…

Epic Thank You to

Today I was checking the placement in Google for the Moneylender website. I clicked on one of the suggested search terms "loan servicing software for private lenders".  The ever-present Capterra was first, and was second.  Moneylender was 5th.  Since the second site was reviews of loan software, and not a competitor, I clicked it to see their Top 10 Loan Servicing Software for Private Lenders list.

I was astonished to discover Moneylender Professional at the top of the list.  I do my best to provide the easiest and most valuable loan servicing platform, scalable to any lender.  It is such an honor to be recognized publicly as the top software solution for private lenders.  Many thanks to Sam Smith for the vote of confidence in our program.

Moneylender 3 Beta Progress

It's been about two months so since Moneylender 3 was released in Beta.  There are a few people that are actually using it to service their loans.  In most cases, it's because the new capabilities allow them to better tailor the program to their loan structure.
A lot of the program is functional.  A new wizard that walks you through closing a loan and zeroing out the balance is almost ready.  In place of Moneylender 2's behind-the-scenes and somewhat arbitrary loan-zeroing routines, in Moneylender 3, you'll have a couple straightforward options to deal with surpluses and deficits at the end of a loan.  Another major result of the new calculation engine's transparency and adaptability.
The next section of the application to get attention will be the reporting system.  Reports get the testing and polishing needed to be ready to answer nearly every question a lender might ask of their loans, and provide the ability to create and customize reports to find answers to t…