Getting Started with Your First Loans

So you find yourself with a loan or many loans.  Maybe you sold a house, maybe you inherited a portfolio.  Your hope is that borrowers will pay the loans promptly and consistently.  You know there are a lot of laws that govern loans and collecting debts, but you're not fully acquainted with the details.  You know you'll have to report your income, and that sometimes the loan will affect the borrower's taxes, too.

Don't worry.  We're here to help.

Moneylender Professional includes free phone and email support.  We get lots of questions about what a lender is supposed to do.  We're happy to share what we've learned talking with hundreds of lenders since 2004.  We want you to be as successful as our other customers have been, and we want you to maximize the return, stability, and value of your loan portfolio.

The first thing to do is to get yourself set up with our Moneylender software.  Loans require complex calculations, and if there's a mistake it can cause lots of paperwork through amended tax returns for borrower and lender.  Our software will make sure your interest, fees, and escrow are tabulated properly.

In a perfect world, borrowers would sign a thirty year mortgage, and then make 360 perfectly timed, identical payments without even a hint of a reminder.  In reality that's asking a lot from a human being.  We are all more consistent when we have friendly reminders and can see the progress we're making towards our goals.  Your borrowers will be far more likely to pay consistently when they receive routine account statements and can see the progress their making toward paying back their debts.  Moneylender comes with a variety of professional, customizable statement and letter templates.

Unlike virtually every other company in the market, Moneylender Professional has no annual costs.  Purchasing the license is a one-time fee and our pricing model works for all sizes of lenders so even individuals can handle the purchase of a copy of the program.

And remember, when you buy Moneylender, our staff is available to help you use the software successfully.  Call or email with any questions.

Moneylender Professional


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