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Epic Thank You to

Today I was checking the placement in Google for the Moneylender website. I clicked on one of the suggested search terms "loan servicing software for private lenders".  The ever-present Capterra was first, and was second.  Moneylender was 5 th .  Since the second site was reviews of loan software, and not a competitor, I clicked it to see their Top 10 Loan Servicing Software for Private Lenders list. I was astonished to discover Moneylender Professional at the top of the list.  I do my best to provide the easiest and most valuable loan servicing platform , scalable to any lender.  It is such an honor to be recognized publicly as the top software solution for private lenders.  Many thanks to Sam Smith for the vote of confidence in our program.

Moneylender 3 Beta Progress

It's been about two months so since Moneylender 3 was released in Beta.  There are a few people that are actually using it to service their loans .  In most cases, it's because the new capabilities allow them to better tailor the program to their loan structure. A lot of the program is functional.  A new wizard that walks you through closing a loan and zeroing out the balance is almost ready.  In place of Moneylender 2's behind-the-scenes and somewhat arbitrary loan-zeroing routines, in Moneylender 3, you'll have a couple straightforward options to deal with surpluses and deficits at the end of a loan.  Another major result of the new calculation engine's transparency and adaptability. The next section of the application to get attention will be the reporting system.  Reports get the testing and polishing needed to be ready to answer nearly every question a lender might ask of their loans, and provide the ability to create and customize reports to find answ