Epic Thank You to CloudSmallBusinessService.com

Today I was checking the placement in Google for the Moneylender website. I clicked on one of the suggested search terms "loan servicing software for private lenders".  The ever-present Capterra was first, and CloudSmallBusinessService.com was second.  Moneylender was 5th.  Since the second site was reviews of loan software, and not a competitor, I clicked it to see their Top 10 Loan Servicing Software for Private Lenders list.

I was astonished to discover Moneylender Professional at the top of the list.  I do my best to provide the easiest and most valuable loan servicing platform, scalable to any lender.  It is such an honor to be recognized publicly as the top software solution for private lenders.  Many thanks to Sam Smith for the vote of confidence in our program.


  1. Good luck in developing your business ...... :)


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