Loan Servicing Software

When choosing a good loan servicing software system to manage and calculate your loans, you want to be sure you’ll be able to do manage your loans quickly and without errors.  With your first few loans, it’s no big deal to spend 10 or 20 minutes making sure the numbers are right.  Once you get ten or twenty or a thousand loans, spending twenty minutes per loan is no longer an option.

Moneylender Professional is loan servicing software built with a set of manual and automatic configuration mechanisms to allow you the fine-grain per-loan management tools you need to handle every situation along with a set of tools for bulk operations that might apply to many or all loans under management.  Developed under close guidance from the lenders that use it, every facet of Moneylender is built to make servicing loans faster and easier.

No loan servicing system would be worth much if lenders couldn’t use it to effortlessly produce supremely professional statements, letters, notices, payoff quotes, agreements, and payment coupon booklets.  Moneylender’s template design system allows complete flexibility of the contents, style, and arrangement of any letter or document you might want to generate.

AutoPay is a companion payment service that integrates directly with Moneylender to allow borrowers to make direct payments from a US bank account.  Using the AutoPay system allows borrowers to see their balance, due date and current amount due online at any time.  AutoPay really gives that official feel to any lender using Moneylender Professional to service their loans.

Moneylender Professional is loan servicing software that is well suited to lenders of all sizes.  Its reasonable licensing costs are far below those of comparable systems.  It’s capabilities are also quite robust.  Thanks to its reasonable price tag, Moneylender is used by hundreds of lenders globally with over a hundred lenders moving into the Moneylender system every year.  You’re in good company when you choose Moneylender, and your feedback is what has made the system so powerful.


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